Vicki Schoen

weaving the love and conflict of generations into vivid tapestries

In 2015, Vicki Schoen (pronounced Shane--yes, really) published Inherit the Texas Earth. In 2017, she started Yellow City Publishing to help other writers through the process.

Willy Gil Kellogg thinks he has inherited the most wonderful gift in the world, Gramps's farm. But the next year, the decade-long drought that begot the Dust Bowl began, raping the land he loved and testing his perseverance, his loyalty, and his manhood.

You can read the first chapter by clicking the link below.

"...particularly useful for grandparents and other non-parental custodial caretakers who must not only offer physical support for affected children, but also strive to protect their emotional stability and well-being. This is a must-have tool for teachers, counselors, and all other adults who provide support for children who have been removed from the care of their biological parents." Kathie Campbell Greer, MA counseling, custodial grandmother

Dary Dragon Can't Go Home was written to offer comfort and explanation to those thousands of children effected by the national opioid epidemic. The characters were envisioned by eight-year-old illustrator, Aveena Schoen.

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