Neal Landrum, a successful New York businessman, learns at his annual physical that he—a former college athlete who has always enjoyed good health—has a fatal, untreatable disease. He not only must face this fact, but he has to make major decisions about how best to spend his final months.

Russell Long, Author of

An Unexamined Life

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Praise for An Unexamined Life

"Gripping novel of a man coming alive in a mid-life crisis." Jodi Thomas, New York Times bestselling author

"Just when you’re wondering if there’s ever going to be something new, something fresh to read, along comes Russell Long with this page-turner.  Once you start An Unexamined Life, you won’t put it down."  Harry Haines, National Book Award winner

"Neil Landrum is an unforgettable character. His life—from a childhood that 'was both a blessing and a curse,' to financial success, to a reckoning with all that had gone unexamined—will keep you enthralled." Vicki Schoen, award-winning author

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