About The Book

When Eddie Melin turned 96, he had just quit playing tennis and needed a project. At the insistence of his daughter, Vicki Schoen, he wrote the stories she had heard all her life. There have been two editions, and a third, published by YCP, will appear early next year.

Eddie Melin

Author of

Stories From an Old Man

In 1912, Eddie Melin was born into a family of musicians in rural Missouri. He weathered the Depression, Prohibition, and World War II to settle with the love of his life in the Texas Panhandle--all good fodder for the stories  he continued to tell (and revise) until his death at the age of 102.

Book signings: top, a cake showing the cover and a characature of Eddie; middle with friend Annice Goodell; bottom, preparing to sign.

Yellow City Publishing

Amarillo, Texas

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